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Specification CR32
Printhead Micro piezo print head
Ink Water-based/Thermal transfer/Solvent-based
Maximum printing width 320cm
Resolution 540dpi、720dpi、1440dpi
Printing modes 2pass、 3pass、 4pass、 6pass、 8pass、 12pass
Speed with single printhead 32㎡/h、22㎡/h  、16㎡/h  、11㎡/h  、8㎡/h  、5.5㎡/h
Speed with two printheads 64㎡/h、44㎡/h  、32㎡/h  、22㎡/h  、16㎡/h  、11㎡/h 
Ink cassette capacity 1000cc/colour 
Three heating sections Pre-heater, printing bed heater, rear heater30℃-65℃
Picture drying system Standard configuration: Infrared heating  with  fan drying system
Auto feeding/collecting system Standard configuration
Environmental conditions Temperature15-35℃      Relative Humidity:40%-65%